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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Secrets of Perfect Counter Strike Server in 16 Steps

How to Creater Secrets of Perfect Counter Strike Server in 16 Steps .?

Hi Guys ...!

Today i trying my heart out to make you learn the same way i made my lagless server ...!

Guess what .... It is Absolutly possible and easy to make 20 People server under 512Kbps (kilo bits per second) without any noticible lag ..!

Looks.. interesting ... Read on...!

16 Steps to perfect Counter Strike Server:

  1. Get ready with Pen and paper to jot down important values.
  2. Power on your computer and close /kill all un-necessary processes in task manager.
  3. Open your favorite browser and Go to to check your Upload speed (Download speed doesnt matter much here). Note down the Upload speed value in the piece of paper.
  4. Now install the CS 1.6 Server to root of any partition you like (e.g D:\HLDS) ....... (Teach me this step)
  5. Install AMX MODX in the same directory ..(Teach me this step)
  6. Install only Necessary AMX MODX plugins in the server ...(Teach me this step)
  7. Create a RAM DISK of atleast 600 MB ....(Teach me this step)
  8. Copy server folder (e.g. HLDS) to root of RAMDISK (e.g E:\HLDS)
  9. Swap drive letters RAMDISK (E:) and Original Server drive letter (i.e. D:) such that Now RAMDISK has D: drive letter and Original Server drive letter is E: ...(Teach me this step)
  10. Click here and Calculate important Server Settings ... Note Down in that piece of paper.
  11. Paste those setting in server.cfg file ( server.cfg file located in D:\HLDS\cstrike\ folder)
  12. Save RAMDISK image (i dont mean any picture here) ... so that it can used as backup.
  13. Now Go to CS Server folder and Launch the hlds.exe in console mode ... so just Go to cstrike folder and right click oh hlds.exe and select Send to desktop to create Shortcut icon on Desktop, On Desktop right click on "Shortcut to hlds" and select properties and In Target enter " D:\HLDS\hlds.exe -console -game cstrike +maxplayers 16 +port 27015 +sys_ticrate 250 +heapsize 262144 +map de_dust2 +mp_timelimit 0 +fps_max 100 +sv_unlag 1 +sv_maxunlag 0 +mp_freezetime 2 +clientport 27055 -insecure "
  14. Copy the Shortcut to HLDS icon from desktop to D:\HLDS folder to make backup of it..!
  15. Make sure you have applied all the Server Optimisation Tips and Tricks Descripbed in this site.
  16. Start your Server (hlds.exe) using Short to hlds icon created in step 13.

So Howz you r server running noW ?

Any thing else you wanna know ..?


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