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Saturday, April 25, 2009

How to Add or Install Bots (players) in Counter Strike / CS 1.6 Server

How to Add/Install Bots in Counter Strike / CS 1.6 Server

Now that you know how to create Counterstrike Server but also want bots to play with your mates.

Note: You Must have AMX MODX installed in your Server Directory ..... Dont know how to install AMX MODX READ ME


This is how you should add bots ..
  • Download the PODBOT and JOEBOT on Desktop
  • extract them separatly (preferably on desktop)
  • copy the podbot to your Server\cstrike\addons directory
  • copy the joebot folder in cstrike folder of your server
  • Open Server\cstrike\addons\metamod\plugins.ini in notepad and add this line in end
Win32 joebot\joebot_mm.dll

  • Now run your Server (i.e. hlds.exe)
The above procedure described works specifically for cs 1.6 that is counter strike 1.6 version... though it should work well with other versions too..!


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