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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Learn How to make Multiple Counter Strike (CS1.6) Servers (more than one server)

How to make more than one server in cs 1.6

Many Cs 1.6 geeks asked me how to host more than one CS1.6 Server on same PC... ?

This is how you should do it


  • You have little fast computer (now a days , people normally do have sufficciant configuration to run multiple server running).
  • You are using Windows XP or Windows 2000 (9x and NT not recommended)


  • Go to to calculate how many players you can handle at most (so You must know your Upload speed .... to find out go to )
  • Now divide the players in such a way that when all of them added should give you the total player capacity of your server. (we calculated in step 1)
  • For eg. If you have total of 24 player capacity then you can have several servers running with different configuration like
  • a) two Servers of 12 players capacity each so that 12+12 =24
  • b)one 4players capacity , Second 12 player capacity, third 8 player capacity .. so that 4+12+8 = 24 Players in total. ....... I Hope you get the idea..!
  • Make sure you have made all the settings correct for each server running... else read this! e.g sv_maxrate , sv_maxupdaterate
  • Now launch you servers one after another (Use console mode for each not GUI) and make required changes for each by manually changing their sv_maxrate,sv_maxupdaterate using this Server Rate Chart .
  • Most Importtant: Donot Forget to change port for every server you create i.e. for 4 servers created should have 4 different ports assingned. Please have a look at images below. you can also download them
Download IMAGE1
Download IMAGE2

Multi Server

Different Port Set for each Server


  • Never Play on same PC on which you are hosting your servers......


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