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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Learn How To Install sXe Injected versions In Counter Strike 1.6

Install sXe Injected Counter Strike Anti-cheat System

The procedure explained below will make you able to play on sXe injected Server...

sXe Injected For Clients

sXe injected on Server

The Original download Page is here

Procedure for Clients:

  • Download the sXe inJected latest version HERE
  • Install it like any Other normal .exe file

Now that you have installed it correctly

Here is How to use sXe Anti Cheat System 2009 in Counter Strike server

Close or Kill any counter strike or server that may be running (in tak manager kill hl.exe or hlds.exe , if found)

Launch seX injected and Click on update button

now you may launch your Counter Strike it will automatically trigger the hl.exe

For your convenience below is the image in order of their execution..

I Hope it will be clear for you ....

Let me know if you need more...!


Anonymous said...

When i install sxe and open it , it says it has been manipulated or its a virus, so how do i solve this problem..

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