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Thursday, May 7, 2009

How To Perform Bunny Hops In Counter Strike 1.6

How to Do Bunny Hop in Counter Strike

Keyboard Steps:

  • Move forward by pressing "W" key for initial momentum.
  • now Unpress/RELEASE the 'w' key press the strafe key (D or A) and move your mouse in the direction of the strafe (ie: if 'A' move mouse left in a little arc or if 'D' move mouse right by say 30 degrees) + JUMP (spacebar)
  • This will cause a forward curved jump , in the left or right direction( Now on you must not use W key to move forward).
  • When your just about to land after the first jump, hit the opposite strafe key and curve your mouse in the same direction of your strafe and hit jump EXACTLY when you land after the first jump. Doing this a little too early or little too late will cut the bunny hop
  • IF You got the timing and mouse movement (synchronised)right you will quickly move forward faster, and you will need to repeat Steps 2 to 4 repeatedly.
  • Watch the video below to make thing more clear.


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